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Natisith Kitrojsakul


Thank you for your 5 stars!

I wish it was a bit heavier

Thank you for your feedback!

Best fidget toy by far

Easily the best magnetic fidget toy

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Bernhard Treitner
Weak Magnets

Magnets are weak, rings keep separating and falling off

Thank you for your review. Yes, they can fall off, but the such strenght of magnets was choosen to do different tricks easily with Fingears. So you will get used to rings with couple of days. And you can see some tricks here:

Qasim Makkani
So so glad I bought the real thing

I went from a near impulse buy on amazon to finding the real deal on here and it was absolutely worth it. The 16 magnets (vs. 8) makes ALL the difference.

I've been looking for some additional coping tricks to distract myself from biting my nails while watching TV or at the computer. These things are exactly what I was looking for. They've got the right mix of challenge, variety and continuous motion.

I very rarely leave product reviews, but I felt compelled this time.

Thank you for your review! We are very glad you like Fingears!

Marcus Wimberly


Thank you for your 5 stars for us!

Absolutely amazing!

The best fidget toy I've ever purchased! Well worth the price and long term investment.

The quality is so good that I can already tell I'll have these for years to come.

Thank you for the feedback! We are so happy you are enjoying Fingears!

Fingears M-19mm Silver-White Set

Thank you for your 5 stars for us!

Pablo Cabrera Rosado
Incredible product but slow delivery

Product: I have a collection of fidget toys, and this one is the best one I've ever had. Love it.

Delivery: Not only took almost a month to get here, I had to pay customs taxes.

Thank you for your feedback and we are very glad you are enjoying your Fingears. We are very sorry for the delivery issues. All orders are shipped from the US warehouse by 1 - 3 days. And unfortunately we can't to affect the delivery speed, it depends of post offices.

Fingears M-19mm Silver-Black Set

Thank you for your 5 stars!

very cool but...

they are a great figet toy and are alot of fun but maybe its jusy me but they hot boring pretty quick and i think it woukd be worth it if they dropped the price by maybe 10-15 bucks or just make free shipping. they stick to each other very well but if you spin it to quick it will fly off it took me a couple of days to get the hange of. these are really great toys but i payed about 34 dollars for them with shipping without would have been 23 dollars.

Thank you for your order and review! We are very glad you are enjoying your Fingears.
Please check the tricks on our website to have more fun with the rings:

Fingears 8 magnets Set

So good!

I bought the cheap knockoff ones on Amazon- loved the concept, but the magnets were so weak. Then I found the original -Fingears. These magnets are amazing. They work great. I love them. My go do fidget toy.

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Thank you!


I’m autistic and adhd and I was desperate for a good fidget.I looked all over the internet for the best magnetic rings and when I heard that fingears were the original ones and the best I came to this website . I ordered this product without realizing it was the cheaper version and was kind of disappointed because of the other reviews . When I got them I was truly impressed. Don’t listen to the bad reviews!!! I don’t have the 16 magnets vision yet but if the 8 magnets one is so incredible I can’t even imagine how great the original ones will be. Truly an amazing product. Best fidget ever

Thank you for your feedback! We are very happy you are enjoying your Fingears!

Fingears 8 magnets Set

İt perfect thanks

Thank you for your feedback!

Great product!

Totally helps me focus better in the office. Being on the phone all day infront of a computer can be difficult and these make my day fly by

We are very excited you are enjoying your Fingears. Thank you for your feedback!

Anatolii Bogdanov
Honest review

I would give it a 4 and a half, but I love this fidget. Different sides of a single ring have different strength. It can be filled when you put them on top of each other (as car tires). It's not really a problem, but it's noticeable.
Also, there is one thing, that probably can not be fixed. When you spin around the rings, if you spin it too fast, there might not be enough magnets power and rings are getting depart of the main ring. But when you try to pull of rings that are on middle and thumb fingers, the magnets power is too strong, so after 3 minutes of such movements hand muscles hurts.
I would also make inside ring corners less sharper, and it's plastic more softer.

Besides this small points, I love it. I wish I could buy it in any hobby store.

Thank you for the honest review! We will do our best to become better.

Andy Klein
Big fan

Funny. I bought a cheap imitation set from Amazon for a lot less and they completely stunk. So I bought the originals and I’m so glad I did. You really do get what you pay for. The originals are light years better and are fun and easy to use. I like them so much, I’m buying a second set—the top of the line. I can’t stress this enough. Do not buy the the knock offs. They stink. And the originals are excellent.

Thank you for your order and review! We are very glad you are enjoying Fingears.

Andreas zacharakis
Really Enjoable and Smart Fidget Toy - Would love stronger magnets

It's indeed a very smart and enjoyable fidget toy that helps with focusing and reducing hyperactivity. The only quite big disadvantage for me is the strength of the magnets, which results in the ring often being dropped, which is really annoying.

Thank you for your review! We are very glad you are enjoying our Fingears. And according to our experience, more time is needed for confident use of magnetic rings.

Brian Haughton

Good product!

everything about them is amazing they are smooth and they help with anxiety

Thank you for your order!

Poorly labeled thought there was eight of them on the way but only three in the box.

Thank you for your order. 8 Magnets Set means each ring has 8 magnets inside. We are sorry for this misunderstanding. We hope you will get positive impressions from our product despite this situation.

Fingears 8 magnets Set
Rodney Trahan
Very fun

Very helpful with anxiety and frustrating moments and fidgeting

Thank you for your feedback!