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Gustavo Silva Souza
Ótimo Produto

É de boa qualidade, um ótimo produto funciona perfeitamente é divertido.

Estou gostando muito.

Obrigado Fingears

Very strong 4.5*

These things don't get boring. Even if you don't care about learning the (very fun) tricks, it's so versatile that there's a near infinite number of ways you can fiddle with it.
The only reason it's not a full 5* is because the plastic parts inside each ring rattles quite a bit. It's not a big deal, but it's annoyed me a few times. Still, it's super sturdy and feels like it will never break

Lukas Prochazka

Best anti stress toy I try. I really like it and probably buy anotherone

anonymous adhd haver
the best thing ever

i said what i said

Mark Wotton

Kind of cool. I struggle with any of the tricks, but great for fidgeting

Still love them

Lost our last ones during a move. Got these new ones. Finger holes feel bigger than before. But happy with the product and love doing tricks. Super relaxing, but does make a clacking noise. Keep in mind, if not working from home.

Good fidgette


Fingears M-19mm Red-Black Set

Fingears 8 magnets Set
Dylan Thompson
Great fidgets

At first I was underwhelmed but after a half hour of not putting them down they grew on me. I carry them almost everywhere, and while I feel they *could* stick together a bit better I feel they’re almost perfect. Recommend 100%

Casey Turnbaugh


Great toy

This toy was perfect and I played with it for hours also love that it fits to my hand I do not know any other toy that has more than one size

Good product but not a good size for me

I already own a set of 16mm (I prefer a tighter fit in my fingers) and bought these because of the color.
They work just fine but do not feel as strong in the magnets as my 16mm ones feel (I'm assuming same number of magnets in each size, so it seems like the bigger sizes have bigger gaps between the magnets). Again they work as advertised just not a good fit to my preference. It would be nice to see more color options offered in the 16mm, not just the 19mm.

Fingears 8 magnets Set

Rare item

These things are always sold out! As far as I can tell I managed to grab the last set. Fingears stands above the rest with their 16 magnets. Then you go and handcraft it too?! Because I'm probably one of the few lucky ones to have a pair I want to thank fingears for taking the time to handcraft something truly special, just for me.

Susan Morrison
Perfect for fidget-er

My son loved the magnetic spinners. Keeps him from fidgeting other ways

Katie Bond
Excellent for all ages!

As a therapist, I have clients from 9 - 49 that enjoy Fingears as a fidget.

Jaclyn Pahl
Amazing product

I love them. I have ADD and anxiety and these are fantastic for fidgeting, fit right in the palm of my hand

G M Steinbrenner
Great fidget

I bought a knock off brand first and it was horrible. I decided to invest in the quality fingears and they are so much better! They are much easier to do tricks with!


I love my fingears so much. Customer service is so great.

Dillon Whitfield

Love them use them every day

Rafael Sanchez
Great fidget for my children.

I bought 2 Fingears for my children, both loved them!

Anthony Gammel
nice product

The rings are lightweight and good sized for just playing with in one hand. Magnets used are just the right strength.

Love it

I can’t stop using these rings

So Addicting

Watch a quick tutorial video once and then just practice and learn your own way after that. I realized I was doing a different technique than any on the videos before actually fixing myself, but find that I use the one I taught myself the most. You will get the hang of it relatively quickly. The magnets are good, but as one other stated the spinning can get sluggish over time. Soap and water will fix this and I also threw some rubbing alcohol in it as well and it was good as new. In case you think, " I can grease it up" or " use WD40" to make it spin better and faster...don't bother it will spin slower and you will just end up washing it off. I have dropped mine plenty of times without damage as I am sure you will to as there is an initial learning curve when spinning it. To hard it flies off, to soft it doesn't go far enough. Delivery takes about a week and half to two weeks (business days), I assume depending on where you live. All I can think of... only one I don't own are the wooden ones. Maybe one day I can! Very curious to try them out. Oh someone mentioned the magnets possibly getting weaker. Magnets do get weaker, but i am pretty sure the strength can increase. I will run some experiments, but wouldn't recommend in the meantime unless the people at Fingears give you the okay. As of now, mine are still magnetized just fine with no loss. K, Later!!

It is as stated, but I prefer the ones with colors

I will try to keep this short and to the point. The material used for these is a little different than the colored plastic ones, or maybe it is just the silver used. Either way, there is a slightly different feel. With that the same Medium size is slightly wider on the outside. The inside is still the same size for the finger. You will notice a bigger feel when spinning though. Still not game ending. Oh noise. Due to the possibly different material, these are much louder than the colored plastic ones so getting away with it in say a meeting, or for the students, in class will definitely be a distraction to others and wind you up in the eyes of those you don't want attention from. Other than that, good product and came as described. I think it took about a week and half or so. (business days)