Fingears is a fun fidget that you can freely control with your fingers. There are 3 magnetic rings in each box. Each ring contains 16 small magnets. Different sizes and colors available. What size fits me?
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  • Content: 3 magnetic rings
  • Material: plastic + metal
  • Size: S, M, L
  • Gross weight: 60g, 64g, 68g according to the size S, M, L
  • Package size: 165 x 75 x 25 mm
  • Country of origin: Ukraine

     The sizes of FinGears rings are thought out in such a way that they are convenient for everyone to use. Three types of boxes by size:small (green box), medium (orange box) and large (blue box).

    Size S - 16mm (0.6 inches).

    Size M - 19mm (0.7 inches).

    Size L - 21mm ( 0.8 inches).

    We developed a print-out PDF to measure your inger size before you get the box too. This way, you can see with your own eyes which ring sizes are best for you. You can download here: FinGears Size

    FinGears original anti-stress rings

    FinGears original anti-stress rings — is a game-changing solution to organize your leisure time. Magnetic ring is a popular anti-stress toy, which will help you to diversify your leisure time and improve finger motor skills. FinGears original anti-stress rings is so easy and light to control, that it makes it possible to create different figures, spin rings, attach them to surfaces, and surprise everybody with the tricks. As a result, Magnetic rings for fingers will be an exciting adventure, both for adults and kids.

    FinGears original anti-stress fidget

    FinGears original anti-stress rings – is a new trend, chosen by adults and kids all over the world. Stylish design and wide range of opportunities to do tricks make the fidget a popular choice to organize memorable and very useful leisure time. Not only kids, but also adults will be impressed by this original and fascinating toy. You can play with the fidget inside and outside. The set includes 3 original rings.

    The key benefits of FinGears original anti-stress rings are:

    ✔Modern Art:

      FinGears original anti-stress rings – gives you new opportunities to do modern tricks. Together with other products from the FinGears collection, you can quickly create new exclusive figures, impress people around, and stay up-to-date.

      ✔New anti-stress fidget FinGears original anti-stress rings:

        FinGears anti-stress rings – helps you to relax and relieve tension immediately. Having this toy, you can do different tricks and exercise new moves with the benefit to your health every day.

        ✔Multipurpose of FinGears original anti-stress fidget:

          Thanks to its standard size and light weight, Magnetic rings for fingers is the perfect fun game both for adults and kids. The product is released in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

          ✔Developing fine motor skills and relieving stress:

            FinGears original anti-stress fidget helps you to warm up joints and to increase motion speed. As a result, it’s very easy to organize amusing leisure time and improve finger motor skills with the new toy fidget ring

            ✔Exercising concentration:

            Magnetic circle toys are irreplaceable while having strong mental activity. Being distracted by the game with rings helps to change focus and relax.

            ✔Hypoallergenic FinGears original magnetic rings.

              FinGears original anti-stress rings is fully hypoallergenic product, made out of plastic and metal.

              Buy FinGears in US and EU countries

              FinGears Company offers original educational toys for adults and kids.

              Only original products are available on our website. The main difference of a certified product from a counterfeit – is the gravity force of magnet. Whenever a toy is original – the rings do not separate and move quickly during the game. There are 6 magnets inside a counterfeit, while an original toy contains 14-18 magnets, depending on the size.

              FinGears original anti-stress rings are available for purchase in US or EU today. You only need to confirm a purchase request on our website or contact managers of our company. Fidget is available in the following colors: Black-Blue, Black-Green, Black-Orange, Blue-Black, Blue-Green, Blue-Orange, Green-Black, Green-Blue, Green-Orange, Orange-Black, Orange-Blue, and Orange-Green.

              FinGears Company – is ability to buy FinGears original anti-stress rings with quality assurance from the manufacturer.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 10 reviews
              So Addicting

              Watch a quick tutorial video once and then just practice and learn your own way after that. I realized I was doing a different technique than any on the videos before actually fixing myself, but find that I use the one I taught myself the most. You will get the hang of it relatively quickly. The magnets are good, but as one other stated the spinning can get sluggish over time. Soap and water will fix this and I also threw some rubbing alcohol in it as well and it was good as new. In case you think, " I can grease it up" or " use WD40" to make it spin better and faster...don't bother it will spin slower and you will just end up washing it off. I have dropped mine plenty of times without damage as I am sure you will to as there is an initial learning curve when spinning it. To hard it flies off, to soft it doesn't go far enough. Delivery takes about a week and half to two weeks (business days), I assume depending on where you live. All I can think of... only one I don't own are the wooden ones. Maybe one day I can! Very curious to try them out. Oh someone mentioned the magnets possibly getting weaker. Magnets do get weaker, but i am pretty sure the strength can increase. I will run some experiments, but wouldn't recommend in the meantime unless the people at Fingears give you the okay. As of now, mine are still magnetized just fine with no loss. K, Later!!

              Cameron Corn
              Great little thing with very minor flaw

              I love these, I had no issues with shipping, and plan to get more for family and friends. They work great as and pretty much exactly advertised, and they’re quite sturdy. The only issue, and quite a small one at that, is that while mine still work and work well, after about only a few days of extensive use the magnet strength has had a noticeable decline that makes tricks more difficult. That said, I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up, but for the price and enjoyment they’re well worth the time they have in my opinion.

              Hayley Lanning
              Best purchase in a while

              I might be in my 20's lol BUT!! Literally take them everyday to work and use them at my desk. I'll even sit in bed and mess with them. Worth the wait and worth the purchase. Even got a pair for my little sister.!! Can't wait to get another pair.

              Time's Ticking

              How long do these take to come in? Its already been a week and they havent been shipped off


              I like all your products
              Fingears dance so OP on my hand

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