Three sets. Three sizes.

Finger rings come in three types of boxes by size: small, medium and large. Each box has a highlighted finger shape that is 1mm larger than your own finger size.

Fingears 8 Magnets Set



Fingears Standard Set



Fingears M-19 mm Silver-Red Set



Fingears M-19 Silver-White Set



Fingears M-19 Red-Black Set



Fingears M-19 Silver-Black Set



Let's do the tricks with FinGears!

Fingears is a unique solution for the human mind. Now there are known at least 10 tricks with rings and several options for playing games with them.

Join the flow and add your personal rhythm

We are actively developing our community and respect like-minded people. The magnetic force that gives us energy and brings us together.

Our bodies are designed to move, and movement keeps the body healthy. Even when we are standing still, we can keep moving

About us

FinGears are magnetic free-style rings different from any other fidget or stress relief gadget.  You can do tricks, spin and stick them to surfaces, play games with friends... The possibilities are endless!

Turbocharge your imagination, dexterity and wash away stress. Anyone can become a magnetic master!


Look for original product only! We will show how the original product differs from a fake one.

Global Patents: DM/207185, ZL 2020 3 0055353.8, UA 41286 , No. US: D 928,887

Our Mission

There are known that the development of fine motor skills is useful for all people for all ages.. It strengthens memory, improves cognitive and creative abilities.

Our goal was to create something that gives more creative freedom to the user than anything else! And we're sure we succeeded!

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Be Magnetic!

Feel the rhythm.

The advantages of magnetic rings are that:

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Perfect shape

The Fingears rings had a long road to developing the perfect shape, geometry and magnet placements .

We started out from just the idea of magnetic gears you can rotate and stick together into shapes. We moved from wood to plastic (for colors), and then had a lightning flash of an idea... make the rings easy to whirl, manipulate, carry, spin.

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Unique design

The Fingears is a streamlined design of snappy magnets encased in colorful vibrant rings with multi-directional spin. The magnetic ring composed of colorful colors can attract your eyes and show you a different self in front of your friends.

You can choose from 12 color combinations of four basic colors: black, green, orange, blue.

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Stress relief

Spinners are a thing of the past with the coming of FinGears. The magnetic rings should not only calm the nerves, but also improve your skill and dexterity.

Stimulation of intellectual activity. Increasing adaptability to new environments. Relief fatigue. Ability to cope with stress more easily. Improved memory, intuition and reaction.

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Creative freedom

The boring time will pass quickly. Fingears is easy to operate and can be played with one hand. The average rotation of 3 to 5 minutes. We invented some tricks during our own experimentation.

We're completely sure the community can create much more. We've only just begun!

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Fun with friends

The beauty of FinGears as a fidget / gadget is that you can invent so many uses for them! Just through the natural property of magnets and the sleek spinning ring elements, you can create games and fun shapes with them.

It's a cooperative experience that unites people. We've invented tricks played "billiards" and "air hockey", stuck them to whiteboards to imitate retro pinball.

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