On 2020 in the heart of Ukraine in Kyiv,a compelling concept for Fingears was born.

Dmytro, brimming with a playful idea, approached Denys Okhrimenko, their visionary CEO. In his hands, a wooden prototype – the first glimpse of what would become Fingears.

These weren't ordinary gears. Dmytro's concept revolved around magnetism, the invisible force that would allow the gears to interact in a mesmerizing dance. Denys, recognizing the potential for a truly unique product, knew they had something special.

  • First prototype

  • One of intermediate version

  • Final product

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The concept then landed on the desk of Oleksii, a designer whose skills would take the idea to the next level. He took Dmytro's wooden concept and meticulously transformed it into the sleek and sophisticated Fingears we know today. Every curve, every detail, was meticulously crafted to deliver a delightful fidgeting experience.

Fueled by collaboration and a shared passion for innovation, this trio laid the foundation for Fingears. From Dmytro's initial spark to Denys' strategic vision and Oleksii's design finesse, their story is a testament to the power of teamwork and creativity.

By visiting the Fingears website, you're not just encountering a product; you're witnessing the culmination of insightful vision, innovative design, and a commitment to creating a truly unique user experience. The Fingears you see today is a direct result of this collaborative effort.

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