Fingears. Wood

Fingears. Wood

Fingears is a fun fidget that you can freely control with your fingers. There are 3 magnetic rings in each box. Each ring contains 16 small magnets. Different sizes and colors available.
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  • FinGears Magnetic Rings is a fun fidget that you can freely control with your fingers. Rotate rings, do tricks, attach them to different surfaces and play with your friends!
  • Content: 3 magnetic rings
  • Material: wood + metal
  • Size: M (19 mm)*
  • Gross weight: 64 g
  • Package size: 165 x 75 x 25 mm
  • Country of origin: Ukraine

  • *You can download a print-out PDF here: FinGears Size to check if this size of rings suits you


    FinGears Wooden Rings

    FinGears Wooden Rings is a great choice if you want to organize your leisure time and profit your health. FinGears Magnetic Rings are an original fidget. Fidget ring game is suitable both for adults and kids, the way it works is really simple – you can spin rings, attach them to surfaces, do tricks and create various games.

    Wooden magnetic rings - FinGears original anti-stress fidget

    FinGears Wooden Rings is the anti-stress toy, which helps you relax and rest.

    The key benefits of the product are:


    FinGears Wood can be used both by adults and kids. The spinner finger ring is released in medium size. As a result, new FinGears Wood will be useful and memorable purchase for all family members.

    ✔Anti-stress magnet rings;

    Wooden magnetic rings help to relax and relieve tension. FinGears original anti-stress fidget always provides you with entertaining and relaxing pastime.

    ✔Developing creativity;

    You can construct different figures out of the rings, the more rings the better. Use your imagination and create distinctive figures and games with magnetic rings. You can play the toy on your own or among friends.

    ✔Developing fine motor skills of fingers with magnetic finger rings;

    Playing with the rings warms up joints and increases motion speed. Therefore, the new anti-stress toy is the best choice not only to develop fine motor skills of fingers, but also to rehabilitate after different injuries.

    ✔Hypoallergenic magnetic toy;

    The product does not irritate skin, has no smell, and is suitable even for the youngest customers.

    ✔High quality of magnetic spinner toy.

    The product is made out of wood. The set of magnetic spinning wooden rings contains 3 magnetic rings. The products are made in Ukraine, certified and licensed.

    ✔Original fidget magnets.

    The main difference of a certified product from a Chinese counterfeit is the force of magnet. Whenever a toy is original, the rings do not separate and move quickly during the game. There are 6 magnets inside a counterfeit, while an original toy contains 14-18 magnets, depending on the size.

    ✔Original and unusual fidget magnetic spinner.

    The unusual toy will attract the attention of people around and diversify your leisure time. The product is a perfect gift.

    Order FinGears Wood at affordable price

    Magnetic rings are available for purchase in US or EU right away. You only need to confirm a purchase request for magnetic rings on our website. Moreover, only here

    Ordering fidget rings made from wood is easy, just choose delivery point, pay for the goods, and enjoy an interesting game. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

    FinGears Company is the leading manufacturer of useful toys, trusted all around the world.

    The sizes of FinGears rings are thought out in such a way that they are convenient for everyone to use. Three types of boxes by size:small (green box), medium (orange box) and large (blue box).

    Size S - 16mm (0.6 inches).

    Size M - 19mm (0.7 inches).

    Size L - 21mm ( 0.8 inches).

    We developed a print-out PDF to measure your inger size before you get the box too. This way, you can see with your own eyes which ring sizes are best for you. You can download here: FinGears Size

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